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Commercial Blinds
Invicta offer a cost effect comprehensive range of blinds and shutters including electrically operated systems.

All our products are bespoke and we offer a full survey and installation service.

Switchable Film
Smart Film by Invicta provides cost effective alternative to other Smart Glass technologies, our Film has an adhesive layer on one side which allows it to be applied to both new and existing glass.

The film switches from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque), in its frosted state the film provides privacy and security by acting as an electronic blind for glass, window or partition.

Window Film
The perfect solution to the numerous problems of modern and older glass and windows.

Benefits include: Energy Saving, Heat Reducing, Glare Reducing, Bomb Blast, Privacy, Security, Fade Reducing, an Anti-Eavesdropping.

Manifestation Graphics
Our Window Manifestation Graphics provide a modern solution to marking of glass for reasons of health and safety, DDA requirements or to incorporate branding, text or company logo's to office partitions and much more. Whether using Etched Effect Films or Digitally Printing to Optically Clear Films the only limit is your imagination. We also digitally Print to Wallcoverings.

Who Are We?

We've been supplying and installing Window Film, Blinds and Manifestation Graphics since 1995.

With installation teams based throughout the UK, we offer a complete national service.

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Switchable Film by Invicta.

Designed to retro-fit to existing glass, this smart technology switches from being transparent to frosted.

Transform your business and give your workspace the WOW factor with switchable window films.